Unveiling the Mysterious Fifth Force: Dr. Lee Sichen's "Practical Application of Torsion Field Technology" Tells You "What is the Torsion Field" |Aqive Technology Alive

"What Is the Universe Made of?" An enormous challenge that scientists still cannot explain. "A universe in which just four percent of its content is known. The rest, 96 percent, is unknown dark matter and dark energy," said James Peebles. The mysterious 96% is neither visible nor tangible, it has aroused the interest of scientists and become a challenge to modern physics, and the Torsion field is one of them.

The force of the torsion field is so small that it is very difficult to measure with instruments. This explains why it is not mentioned in the textbook. This is also when Einstein proposed the general theory of relativity in 1915, although he knew The existence of mass will cause the curvature of time and space, to simplify the mathematical formula, the torsion field, that is, the distortion of time and space is directly omitted as zero. It was not until 1922 that the French mathematical physicist Élie Joseph Cartan added the spin angular momentum of the torsion field to the general theory of relativity, supplementing it into a more complete theory of relativity.

Russian scientists discovered many unique physical characteristics of torsion fields during the experiment of torsion fields. In addition to the fact that the torsion field is not shielded by natural materials, there are also torsion fields that can travel through time and space, and not only can be transmitted to the future. , Can also be passed to the past, vaguely implying that the torsion field may exceed the speed of light.

In the “Special Topic on Human Potential” conducted by Dr. Lee at National Taiwan University from 2016 to 2019, he found that 15% to 20% of the experimental subjects could feel the torsion field, and 5% of the subjects felt the torsion field. To the impact of torsion field on one’s own meridian. The human body can actually feel the power of the torsion field. In addition to the surprising mystery of the human body also shows that although the torsion field is very weak in physical phenomena, the appropriate design of the amplification mechanism can still cause a sensible impact on the human body, which cannot be ignored.

"Meditation, mindfulness, and Qigong are all scientifically proven exercises that regulate the body's meridians through the movement of the body's qi pulse to achieve the benefits of adjusting the constitution and fascia and making the body comfortable. Similarly, Aqive technology also applies the physical way of" Qi "to help people carry out these exercises to promote human health, rather than taking medicine." Looking forward to replacing chemistry with physics is Professor Lee Sichun's vision for the torsion field.

With the continuous launch of Aqive products, the increasing user experience exchange and feedback, and turning data into evidence, there are more and more possibilities for the torsion field application.