Instructions for Qi Crystal and Qi Box

Congratulations on your encounter with 【Qi Crystal】and【Qi Box】. Aqive Technology looks forward to working with you to create a deep feeling and experience of the journey.

Suppose you are a“meridian sensitive”constitution when exposed to the Qi Crystal and Qi Box, in that case, there will be some feelings, e.g., heat, hemp, temperature, vibration, and microcurrent, all feeling is well. According to Professor Dr. Li Sichun's experimental statistics, about 15%~20% of people are meridian-sensitive.

If you do not have a meridian-sensitive constitution, you can improve the meridian's sensitivity, awareness, and concentration after calming through meditation. In addition to meditation, ataraxia, mindfulness, and prayer also have calming effects on their own and the mind. No matter which one, choose our comfort and the relaxed way.

Regardless of your type, it is recommended to have 10 minutes sit-in before experiencing the experience that the Qi Crystal or Qi Box brings you. It will be easier to perceive the experience the Qi Box brings.

  1. Find a suitable place for a sit-in.
  2. After sitting down, place the Qi Crystal or Qi Box in front of you and sit still for ten minutes.
  3. Try to put down the expectations; it brings tension. Putting down expectations makes the body more relaxed.
  4. Start to relax from top to bottom, e.g., in sequence, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, neck, arms, back, chest, abdomen, thighs, calves, and feet.
  5. Keep your attention on breathing in and out.
  6. After 10 minutes of a sit-in, keep your original position and hold the Qi Crystal or Qi Box.
  7. Start to feel the aura change by the Qi Crystal or Qi Box, naturally and comfortably accept all the experiences that occur; all feelings are well.
  8. Hold it in your hand or place it on the part or acupoint where you need to relax.

There are many ways to enhance the qi feeling, e.g., meditation, sit-in, mindfulness, yoga, Qigong, a naturally healthy diet, getting closer to nature, or touching energy items. When the body's perception of qi increases, it will also improve the body's sensitivity. Knowing your physical condition and how to take care of yourself will naturally lead to healthier and better moods.

The sense of qi may make people feel warm, cool, hemp microcurrent, or other different feelings, which will vary depending on a person's state; people may feel differently about the same energy body. Qi's feeling is different from studying and testing; there is no standard answer.

Like all energy objects, regular purification of Qi Crystal or Qi Box can make the energy aura purer. The purification methods include one hour of sun irradiation, 15 minutes of energy charging with Qi Torsion, or usual purification methods.

Corrosion is a Natural Phenomenon, There is No Chemical Coating for Rust Prevention. Qi Box pursues to transfer energy with the most original and straightforward material. If oxidation occurs, polish it with sanding paper and clean it before using it to keep the surface smooth.