Instructions for Qi Torsion

Congratulations on your encounter with【Qi Torsion】Aqive Technology looks forward to working with you to create a deep feeling and experience of the journey.

Einstein omitted the torsion field in the general theory of relativity. After the mathematical physicist Katan added the torsion field generated by the spin angular momentum, it became a complete theory of relativity. Just as the electromagnetic force was studied for many years in the 19th century, humans only knew how to control the electromagnetic force to create an electric civilization. We believe the torsion field will also bring many innovative applications to enhance human civilization. 【Qi Torsion】was created based on the research results of Russian scientist Akimov. It allows meridian-sensitive people to experience the sensation of the torsion field and purify and recharge the Qi Box, the Qi Crystal, and other items.

【Qi Torsion】The Power State and Charging

  1. The Qi Torsion has a battery; after charging, the electricity can be maintained for 72 hours continuously on.
  2. Qi Torsion uses the Micro USB plug(Charging cable included in the box) to replenish the power.
  3. The power switch is on the side. A blue light will appear after turning on the switch, indicating open.
  4. When the red light is on, it means charging.
  5. When the green light is on, it means it is fully charged.

Use the Qi Torsion to Replenish Energy and Purify the Aura of the Items.

  1. Turn on the Qi Torsion power switch, and the light indicates that the torsion field is being generated.
  2. Place the Qi Torsion on a stable and smooth surface like the desktop. Put the Qi Torsion face up. (the side with the “Aqive” logo)
  3. Place items that will be purified, replenished energy, and amplify the aura, such as Qi Crystal, Qi Box, crystals, ore, or other energy items above the Qi Torsion.
  4. Wait about 15 minutes to complete the purification and charging. After that, you can turn off the power of Qi Torsion.
  5. (You can also adjust the time of purification and energy charging according to your feelings.)
  6. It is generally recommended to purify and replenish energy once a week or to adjust the time according to your feelings.

Feel the Changes in Aura Brought by Qi Torsion

Suppose you are a“meridian sensitive”constitution when exposed to the“Qi Torsion,” in that case, there will be some feelings, e.g., heat, hemp, temperature, vibration, and microcurrent, all feeling is well. According toProfessor Dr. Li Sichun'sexperimental statistics, about 15%~20% of people are meridian-sensitive.

If you do not have a meridian-sensitive constitution, you can improve the meridian's sensitivity, awareness, and concentration after calming through meditation. In addition to meditation, ataraxia, mindfulness, and prayer also have calming effects on their own and the mind. No matter which one, choose our comfort and the relaxed way.

Regardless of your type, it is recommended to have 10 minutes sit-in before experiencing the experience that the “Qi Torsion” brings you. I believe it will be easier to perceive the experience than the “Qi Torsion” brings.

  1. Find a suitable place for a sit-in.
  2. After sitting down, place the “Qi Torsion” in front of you and sit still for ten minutes.
  3. Try to put down the expectations; it brings tension. Putting down expectations makes the body more relaxed.
  4. Start to relax from top to bottom, e.g., in sequence, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, neck, arms, back, chest, abdomen, thighs, calves, and feet.
  5. Keep your attention on breathing in and out.
  6. After 10 minutes of a sit-in, keep your original position and switch on the Qi Torsion.
  7. Start to feel the aura change by the Qi Torsion, naturally and comfortably accept all the experiences that occur; all feelings are well.
  8. Place energy products on the Qi Torsion and experience it.
  9. It is recommended to open for 30 minutes a day at first, after several days of feeling the change in the aura, and then decide on the length of the opening time.
  10. Reminder: Do not exposure to the human body for more than 10 minutes.

There are many ways to enhance the qi feeling, e.g., meditation, sit-in, mindfulness, yoga, Qigong, a naturally healthy diet, getting closer to nature, or touching energy items. When the body's perception of qi increases, it will also improve the body's sensitivity. Knowing your physical condition and how to take care of yourself will naturally lead to healthier and better moods.

The sense of qi may make people feel warm, cool, hemp microcurrent, or other different feelings, which will vary depending on a person's state; people may feel differently about the same energy body. Qi's feeling is different from studying and testing; there is no standard answer.