Energy Pyramids - Qiramid
Energy Pyramids - Qiramid

Energy Pyramids - Qiramid

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Explore the world of Qi

Improving self-awareness Find yourself at ease

"Torsion Field Civilization" is about to rise
Achieve the next step in the great leap forward of mankind!

The Torsion Field belonging to the general relativity is not well known, but it is the most magical force field, which can bring out the energy of the spiritual world.

Prof. Lee, Si-Chen
Served as President of National Taiwan University, Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University, Counselor of the Ministry of National Defense, and Vice President for Academic Affairs of National Taiwan University.

Aqive - The World's First Torsion Field Technology Application Provider

Aqive is committed to the promotion of human consciousness. It uses scientific verification tools to cultivate awareness and concentration, and provides effective methods to enhance the sensitivity of the senses, so that the exercise of consciousness can provide feedback in practice and enhance human consciousness.

We Believe

that environment, Geomancy, body aura, life, and all things are related to Qi. Practicing qigong helps to nourish the Qi, stabilize oneself, adjust the movement of internal and external Qi, make the airflow in the field smooth, and make the perception more soothing and clear. With pranayama and body adjustment, exercise the harmony of the meridian network. Pairing with Qi products, help to improve the Qi feeling.



sit in, mindfulness, meditation








深層感受 發掘更多能量



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