Torsion Field Module – Advance (TFM-A01)
Torsion Field Module – Advance (TFM-A01)
Torsion Field Module – Advance (TFM-A01)
Torsion Field Module – Advance (TFM-A01)

Torsion Field Module – Advance (TFM-A01)

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Torsion Field Module – Advance (TFM-A01)


Reminder: This is an engineering module, without a battery and casing.

Can change the frequency by replacing the RC parts, and you can also make the module more versatile through PWM.There is a power indicator, you can clearly know the current power status and the display of the PWM on the light.In order to strengthen torsion field, the circuit board is processed with special treatment.

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Technical Specification

Working Mode:Normal Mode / PWM Mode
Input pins:Vcc GND power supply、PWMinput frequency
Input voltage:4.5~5.5V
Input current:100mA~1A
Operating temperature:-40~+85degrees
Operating frequency:1Hz~10MHz,Default frequency: 440-540Hz
Installation method:Four M3 screws and screw nuts can fix it on the desktop, screws, and batteries are not provided.
Size:55.9mm X 38.8mm

Torsion Field Module Comparison

Features Basic Advance Premium
Support GPIO
Support AC/DC
Power Indicator
Preset Frequency
Support PWM
Specially processed circuit board
LED RGB adjustment
Short-circuit protection
Micro USB charging port
Price Basic
TWD 699(USD 24.99)
TWD 999(USD 34.99)
TWD 3,699(USD 139.99)

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