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Torsion Field Module – Basic (TFM-B01)

Torsion Field Module – Basic (TFM-B01)

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Reminder: This is an engineering module, without a battery and casing.

The torsion field coil board can be used simply through GPIO, supporting both AC or DC.



Technical Specification

Input pins:GND power supply, PWM input frequency
Input voltage:4.5~5.5V
Input current:100mA~1A
Operating temperature: -40~+85 degrees
Installation method:Four M3 screws and screw nuts can fix it on the desktop, screws, and batteries are not provided.
Size:46.4mm X 38.8mm

circuit board

Torsion Field Module Comparison

Features Basic Advance Premium
Support GPIO
Support AC/DC
Power Indicator
Preset Frequency
Support PWM
Specially processed circuit board
LED RGB adjustment
Short-circuit protection
Micro USB charging port
Price Basic
TWD 699(USD 24.99)
TWD 999(USD 34.99)
TWD 3,699(USD 139.99)