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Aqive 氣機科技

Qi Crystal – Big Flower of Life (15cm)

Qi Crystal – Big Flower of Life (15cm)

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Keep Free and Harmony Give a Stable Flow of Aura

-The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol with infinite energy, a form of life that represents the life cycle from seed to fruit, as well as the original shape and vibration frequency of the universe.

-The crystal has its own aura, which will increase the intensity of the aura after overlapping with the sacred energy of the six layers of Flower of Life. The symbol of Flower of Life oscillates back and forth inside the crystal, which can produce harmonious resonance, balance and stabilize the aura of a space.

Not Only Provides Energy for Physical and Mental Stability, but Also Improves the Quality of Life

-According to the Map of Consciousness developed by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. , it corresponds to 16 kinds of Calm Lights. There are also four modes, you can adjust the appropriate light color according to your own state.

-Crystals give calm and reassuring energy. With the help of diversified lighting modes, it can achieve stress-relieving and soothing.

【Applicable to the Following】
  1. Space purification decorations
  2. Kept by your side during mindfulness, meditation, and yoga

  1. Can be powered by zinc-carbon cells or charged with USB cable included.
  2. If USB cable is used for power supply, please use 5V/1A USB plug. Do not use a USB plug with high power to avoid damage or danger to the lamp holder.

【Product Specification】

-Qi Crystal Big Flower of Life-

Dimensions: Diameter 15 cm

Weight: About 4442g

Material: Artificial crystal

Color: Clear White

Symbol: Flower of Life

-Lamp Holder-

Dimensions: Diameter 8.5 cm |Height 3.5 cm

Weight: About 114g

Material: Wood, PCB

Color: Wood grain