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Aqive 氣機科技

Qiramid Combination

Qiramid Combination

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Improve self-awareness Find a relaxed self


Aqive, the World's First Torsion Field Technology Application Provider

Aqive is committed to the promotion of human consciousness. We use scientific verification tools to cultivate awareness and concentration and provide practical methods to enhance the sensitivity of the senses so that the exercise of consciousness can give feedback in practice and enhance human consciousness.

We Believe

That environment, Geomancy, body aura, life, and all things are related to qi. Practicing Qigong helps to nourish the qi, stabilize oneself, adjust the movement of internal and external qi, make the airflow in the field smooth, and make the perception more soothing and clear. With pranayama and body adjustment, exercise the harmony of the meridian network. Pairing with Qi products helps to improve the qi feeling.


Enhance Vibe


Purify Space, Improve Self-awareness, and Increase Concentration and Acuity During Meditation and Mindfulness

The Qiramid Combination is designed in equal proportions according to the quadrangular pyramid structure of the Egyptian Pyramid of Khufu. Its inner space will form a resonance aura, and the sacred symbols of "Buddha" and "Guanyin" will increase vibration and amplification, resulting in harmonious resonance. It is easier to feel the movement of qi and aura flow when used with "Qi Torsion."

Qiramid Hat

According to research, the pyramid's energy was discovered in the 1940s. The chamber tomb of the Khufu Pyramid (about one-third of the top of the pyramid) is the place with the most vital energy, and the pineal body is also located precisely one-third of the vertex. Similarly, wearing a Qiramid Hat with meditation and sit-in can increase concentration, and long-term practice can also improve the acuity of qi.

Crystal Qiramid

Combined with the pyramid's unique design and the crystal's soft energy, it can be placed at home as a purification ornament, or placed beside during meditation, sit-in, and mindfulness. Feel the energy flow with fingers, and stabilize energy.
Like all energy objects, regular purification of Qi Crystal can make the energy aura purer. The purification methods include one hour of sun irradiation, half an hour of soaking in flowing water, 15 minutes of energy charging with Qi Torsion, or usual purification methods.

Copper Qiramid

"Copper Qiramid" has a wide range of aura, it can purify a space about 1779.5 squarefeet with "Qi Torsion" and stabilize the energy flow. Due to the strong energy of the Copper Qiramid, it is recommended to evaluate whether it is used in meditation, sit in, and mindfulness according to personal feeling.

"Qiramid Hat," "Crystal Qiramid," and "Copper Qiramid" can work together with "Qi Torsion". Place "Qi Torsion" in the field to be purified, and then stack "Crystal Qiramid", "Copper Qiramid" and "Qiramid Hat" in order, to improve the aura in the field. Friends with sensitive meridians can try to feel the changes in the aura.

Qiramid is an awareness-raising product that helps you calm down, sit in, do mindfulness, practice meditation, and find a relaxed self.

The Qi is the source of all things in heaven and earth, “everything is born with one Qi” is mentioned in the“Six Daggers of Kuan-yin-tzu.” The design principle of the Qi Crystal is based on the research results of Professor Li Sichun in “The Science of Torsion Field,” which draws the heaven and the earth, the sacred words are amplified and resonate in Qi Crystal, resulting in resonance and reconciliation.

How to Enhance the Qi Feeling

There are many ways to enhance the qi feeling, e.g., meditation, sit-in, mindfulness, yoga, Qigong, a naturally healthy diet, getting closer to nature, or touching energy items. When the body's perception of qi increases, it will also improve the body's sensitivity. Knowing your physical condition and how to take care of yourself will naturally lead to healthier and better moods.

Meditation, Mindfulness
Meditation, Mindfulness
Natural and Healthy Diet
Natural and Healthy Diet
Get Close to Nature or Objects with Good Energy
Get Close to Nature or Objects with Good Energy

Feel Deeply and Explore More Energy

The sense of qi may make people feel warm, cool, hemp microcurrent, or other different feelings, which will vary depending on a person's state; people may feel differently about the same energy body. Qi's feeling is different from studying and testing; there is no standard answer. So, please return to our body feelings, believing in our feelings.

Specifications and Precautions

【Qiramid Hat】 Dimensions: diameter about 24*24*17cm|Weight: About 87g|Material: Foamboard|Color: White|Symbols: Buddha、Guan Yin
【Crystal Qiramid】 Dimensions: diameter about 10*10*8cm|Weight: About 624g|Material: Artificial crystal+ Copper|Color: Transparent Crystal, Brass|Symbols: Buddha、Guan Yin
【Copper Qiramid】 Dimensions: diameter about 20*20*13cm|Weight: About 540g|Material: Copper|Color: Classical Copper(Corrosion is a natural phenomenon because there is no chemical coating for rust prevention.)|Symbols: Buddha、Guan Yin

Each Qiramid is hand-made, so there will be slightly different. The product's color will be slightly different due to the presentation and recognition of the webpage. The pictures are for reference only, please refer to the received goods.