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Preferential Combination ( Qi Torsion *1 + Qi Box *2,3 in )

Preferential Combination ( Qi Torsion *1 + Qi Box *2,3 in )

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【 Preferential Combination ( Qi Torsion *1 + Qi Box *2,3 in ) 】

One for Each Makes the Relationship More Harmonious

Preferential combination ( Qi Torsion *1 + Qi Box * 2 ) 3 in For those who want to share with a lover. Experience the qi feeling at the same time can not only maintain physical vitality but feel more harmonious through shared feelings and deep communication.

Before feeling the flow of qi, first place the Qi Box on the Qi Torsion, which can not only purify the energy but also activate the energy in the Qi Box. After 15 minutes, you can experience the purity and vitality of the qi. Get a discount as well as a special experience as you buy Qi Torsion and Qi Box at the same time.

Qi Torsion X 1
Qi Box X 2


【Preferential Combination ( Qi Torsion *1 + Qi Box *2,3 in )】

Qi Torsion X 1
Qi Box X 2


Following the principle of the left in the right out of the body aura, the way to use can be roughly divided into the following types:

✦ Gather good Qi: Hold the Qi Crystal in the palm. Imagine the feeling when your hand touches the water flow from the faucet, then feel the qi flow of the Qi Crystal, or use any comfortable visualization methods.

✦ Dispel Bad Luck(Qi): Hold the Qi Crystal lightly in the right palm, imagine that a breeze in the hot summer takes away hot and dry, then feel the qi flow of the Qi Crystal, or use any comfortable visualization methods.

✦ If you have two Qi Crystals, try holding one in each hand and feel the energy flow.

✦ If you have the habit of praying, meditation, sit-in, or meditation, try to hold the Qi Crystal during the process. It has a unique effect on settling a troubled mind. Many people feel less confused, and their attention and awareness are also improved.

There are many ways to enhance the qi feeling, e.g., meditation, sit-in, mindfulness, yoga, Qigong, a naturally healthy diet, getting closer to nature, or touching energy items. When the body's perception of qi increases, it will also improve the body's sensitivity. Knowing your physical condition and how to take care of yourself will naturally lead to healthier and better moods.

The sense of qi may make people feel warm, cool, hemp microcurrent, or other different feelings, which will vary depending on a person's state; people may feel differently about the same energy body. Qi's feeling is different from studying and testing; there is no standard answer.

Other ways to use the Qi Box include putting it under the pillow when sleeping, wearing it like a necklace or a bracelet, using it as a coaster to taste the changes in the drink's taste, or other creative ways. When wearing a Qi Box, contact the body as much as possible, and feel and explore the changes brought by energy. You will be surprised to find that energy is so interesting and begin to enjoy the physical and mental stability from the inside out to achieve deep self-care.

Like all energy objects, regular purification of Qi Crystal can make the energy aura purer. The purification methods include one hour of sun irradiation, half an hour of soaking in flowing water, 15 minutes of energy charging with Qi Torsion, or usual purification methods.

【Qi Torsion】


Be Able to Purify, Charge, Activate, and Expand the Aura Energy of the Crystal, Ore, and Other Energy Products. Qi Torsion Produces the Torsion Field.

Einstein omitted the torsion field in the general theory of relativity. After the mathematical physicist Katan added the torsion field generated by the spin angular momentum, it became a complete theory of relativity. Just as the electromagnetic force was studied for many years in the 19th century, humans only knew how to control the electromagnetic force to create an electric civilization. The torsion field will also bring many innovative applications to enhance human civilization. Qi Torsion was created based on the research results of Russian scientist Akimov. It allows meridian-sensitive people to experience the sensation of the torsion field and purify and recharge the Qi Box, the Qi Crystal, and other items.

【Way to use Qi Torsion】

The Qi Torsion has a battery; the electricity can continuously be maintained for 72 hours after charging. It is recommended to open for 30 minutes a day and then decide on the length of the opening time after feeling the change in the aura for several days in a row.

Turning on the switch, facing up (the side with the "Aqive" Logo), placing items that want to be purified, replenished, and amplified, such as crystals, ore, or other energy items on the Qi Torsion for 15 minutes. So that can improve the aura energy of the article, and sensitive friends can try to feel the variety in the aura.

Size: About 6.2cm * 5.4cm * 1.2cm
Weight: About 50g
Material: Aluminum, Circuit Board
Color: Mysterious Black

The product's color will be slightly different due to the presentation and recognition of the webpage. The pictures are for reference only.

Reminder: Do not touch the human body for more than 10 minutes.

【Qi Box】


Qi Box is an awareness-raising product that helps you calm down, sit in, do mindfulness, and meditation, and find a relaxed self.

Practicing Qigong helps to nourish the qi, stabilize oneself, adjust the movement of internal and external qi, make the airflow in the field smooth, and make the perception more soothing and clear. The Qi is the source of all things in heaven and earth, “everything is born with one Qi” is mentioned in the“Six Daggers of Kuan-yin-tzu.” The design principle of the Qi Box is based on the research results of Professor Li Sichun in “The Science of Torsion Field,” which draws the heaven and the earth; the sacred words pair with unique qi pieces are amplified and resonate in Qi Box, resulting in resonance and reconciliation.

Each Qi Box is hand-made, so there will be slightly different.

【Specification for Qi Box】

Dimensions: Diameter about 3.3 cm |Height about 0.8 cm
Weight: About 30g
Material: Copper (Corrosion is a natural phenomenon because there is no chemical coating for rust prevention)
Color: Classical Copper
Symbol: Buddha, Guan Yin

Each Qi Box is hand-made, so there will be slightly different.

The product's color will be slightly different due to the presentation and recognition of the webpage. The pictures are for reference only, please refer to the received goods.